Amethyst Loop Pendant Necklace

Amethyst Loop Pendant Necklace

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The high frequency of Amethyst elevates; it connects to the crown chakra and invites the third eye to open.  

Our intuition is heightened in the presence of Amethyst, enabling us to best guide ourselves through our experiences; giving us the tools to thrive from within.

Amethyst helps us to navigate our time in this mortal coil, giving us the opportunity to view our experiences in this life from a higher perspective, gifting wisdom and aiding clarity whilst providing a soothing energy to comfort trauma, grief, heartache, and worry.

Perfect to assist in meditation, Amethysts serene energy can aid to help you unwind and relax. It can help soothe both body and mind, reducing nervous energy and encouraging restful sleep. With its calming energy Amethyst aids recovery and rest, bringing clarity and peace to our chaotic world.

Our Amethyst Loop Pendant Necklace connects to the Crown and Third Eye Chakra.

  • Gold plated
  • 20"/50cm length chain
  • Packaged in our signature eco-friendly cotton branded jewellery pouch