Ethics and Sustainability


Our packaging is 100% vegan and plastic free.

Boxes are made from unbleached cardboard and the tape used to seal our boxes is made from unbleached paper. The filler material used to protect your order is made from unbleached recycled cardboard. We also include dried flowers in your order. All of this is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

Our pouches are made of natural cotton and are designed to be reused and to protect your crystals, but they are also fully recyclable.


Our suppliers are individuals and small manufacturers, or agents of local cottage industries. The vast majority of our products are purchased through uncapitalised individuals who extract crystals as their sole source of income in areas where no other sources of income are available. Rough stone for cutting, such as Rose Quartz and Jaspers, may be extracted by excavators but crystal and mineral specimens are carefully mined by hand, therefore retaining their value.

Our suppliers have visited the mines in Brazil, India, China, Madagascar and the USA to gain a greater understanding of the mining practices and impact on the local environment and people involved. They have never witnessed or heard of any unethical or exploitative practices.

Our suppliers request information frequently on all sourced products to ensure transparency. If they believed there to be any unethical practices with the production of a product it would not be purchased. Any change of practices indicating ethical issues with any products in our suppliers’ stock they would remove that product, until they found an alternative supplier, who they were sure is not using unethical practices.