Make It Happen

Make It Happen

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Always beautifully packaged, priced lower than RRP and coming with a complimentary crystal, what is stopping you? Stock your shelves, expand your knowledge, grow and heal.

Everyone can manifest. We're all doing it-every second of every day-without even realising it.

For years, journalist and podcaster Jordanna would worry about things and they would come true. A broken foot, a cancelled flight, a tragic love story... the list went on. She soon realised that she wasn't just predicting the future, she was manifesting it.

Until one day she changed the game. 

If she could manifest mishaps and disasters, why not the things she actually wanted? 

In this warm and witty book, Jordanna shares her personal experiences and struggles along with her fool proof equation for manifesting whatever you desire, from your dream job to a lasting relationship. Whether you're a matter-of-fact skeptic or a somewhat hippie yoga-lover, Make It Happen will empower you to take ownership of your life and create anything you want.

Product Information:
• ISBN: 9781922351463
• Author: Jordanna Levin
• Publisher: Murdoch Books
• Format: Paperback
• Pages: 352 
• Dimensions: 19.69 x 12.7 x 2.54 cm