Chrysoprase Tumblestone

Chrysoprase Tumblestone

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Chrysoprase is a strong detoxifying stone.

Chrysoprase promotes love of truth. It promotes hope, and encourages fidelity in not only personal relationships but in business. Chrysoprase brings a sense of security and trust.

Chrysoprase heals the inner child, releasing emotions locked in since childhood, helping to ease emotional trauma.

It provides for non-judgmental attitudes and stimulates acceptance of oneself and others.

It stimulates creativity and draws out ones talents.

It induces deep meditative states when used for meditation, and imparts a sense of being a part of the divine whole. It is excellent for relaxation and promoting a peaceful night's sleep.

Chrysoprase balances yin-yang energy, and brings universal energy into the physical body.

Chakra: Heart

Recommended placement - Bedroom, bathroom, home office.

The finest grades, these crystals were bought individually for being exceptional specimens. You will receive a crystal to the specifications that you have selected. If you would prefer to hand select a specific crystal then please join one of our crystal live sales or book a crystal consultation.